Changing Times

Photo by Leah Kelley on Well, what a time to be living in, with particular reference to the past few months. Changing times for work, exercise and social; well really, just everyday life... I don't know about you, but the past week has been a stressful one. With ever growing concerns towards everyone and... Continue Reading →


As I sit here tonight listening to the news, I am filled with both hope and optimism. Through the actions of courageous and impassioned youth, the world is now brought to attention. They inspire hope that older generations, those with the power and the privilege, might stand in solidarity and put aside fruitless political games.... Continue Reading →

World Sustainable Goals?

Optimism, political, time. Is it enough?.. These are the words that lie behind my self comparative synonyms of these goals. With such pessimism in today's society surrounding, peace and prosperity, how can such a thing prosper. A number of organisations and businesses are beginning to invest time and money into incorporating their own organisational goals.... Continue Reading →

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