I believe that, how we as individuals fit and work into the community plays an important part in becoming sustainable. If everyone treats everyone with respect, recognition for their uniqueness, opinions and individualism; than we as a community can become more accepting of each other and better work together to fight the issues that we... Continue Reading →


As I sit here tonight listening to the news, I am filled with both hope and optimism. Through the actions of courageous and impassioned youth, the world is now brought to attention. They inspire hope that older generations, those with the power and the privilege, might stand in solidarity and put aside fruitless political games.... Continue Reading →


Changing a community starts with an individual. I've been trying the below lately and have noticed a difference with how I go about my day today activities. So what can we change: Smile - Bringing a smile on another persons face changes their thoughts and may just make their day a little better;Be helpful -... Continue Reading →

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