Changing Times

Photo by Leah Kelley on Well, what a time to be living in, with particular reference to the past few months. Changing times for work, exercise and social; well really, just everyday life... I don't know about you, but the past week has been a stressful one. With ever growing concerns towards everyone and... Continue Reading →


I believe that, how we as individuals fit and work into the community plays an important part in becoming sustainable. If everyone treats everyone with respect, recognition for their uniqueness, opinions and individualism; than we as a community can become more accepting of each other and better work together to fight the issues that we... Continue Reading →

Plants And All That

According to Abs ausstats, the 2016 census showed that around 10% of the Australian population are living within an apartment, or were supposingly contained in one on census night. To me, thats a crazy amount of people being cooped up in a small living area when comparing how much land Australia contains.... Anyway, now that... Continue Reading →

Sustainable Podcasts

What a better way to pass your time then listening to some informative sustainable podcasts. I've been undertaking some research and have found some interesting podcasts; not only sustainable fashion, but also everyday green living. So drum roll please.....*insert rolling of drums* Sustainable: The Podcast - This podcast has approximately 139 tracks of around 20... Continue Reading →


As I sit here tonight listening to the news, I am filled with both hope and optimism. Through the actions of courageous and impassioned youth, the world is now brought to attention. They inspire hope that older generations, those with the power and the privilege, might stand in solidarity and put aside fruitless political games.... Continue Reading →

Hessian and Aloe Vera

Two words (well technically three) that you wouldn't necessarily think go together, well have I got news for you... The end product! I recently used some hessian twine for a project and had a lot let over. So instead of throwing out the left over twine, I decided to use the twine to create a... Continue Reading →

Restoration Wood

This article is to show what you can really achieve from a small amount of money and some serious elbow grease. I have been scouting for an outdoor dining table and chairs from a number of sale websites over the past few months; however, purely by luck, I managed to score this beautiful, poorly maintained... Continue Reading →


A creative use of old, disused, neglected or unwanted materials that are re-purposed for something useful! If you lack the creative flare, the following websites have personally inspired me to up-cycle some of my unwanted materials. Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Pinterest - a classic and populist interface that opens the world of creativity... Continue Reading →


Changing a community starts with an individual. I've been trying the below lately and have noticed a difference with how I go about my day today activities. So what can we change: Smile - Bringing a smile on another persons face changes their thoughts and may just make their day a little better;Be helpful -... Continue Reading →

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