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Welcome to Pragmatically Green!

This is a place where sustainability can be welcomed into the everyday household and living atmosphere through practicality and simplicity. This blog has been created to provide real life ideas and topics to help the everyday individual and family better grasp the idea of living sustainably and ultimately ‘healthier’.

Who am I?

I am just a simple girl; with a passion for the environment and helping others.  My passion started way back growing up in and around nature. I was lucky enough to live with the best of both worlds; living near the rejuvenating salty air of the beach; and having the calming contentment of living on property.

Today, working in the environmental industry, I continue to grow and develop this passion, by keeping up-to-date with current sustainable technology, resources and my never-ending ideas my partner is fortunate enough to endure (he’s so lucky).

I have envisioned such a blog for a while now and am so happy that it is up and running – finally!

I am hoping this site can supply you with the most practical idealistic topics on sustainable practices, from the beginner  (what even is sustainability?), to the all out there sustainable go getters.

I hope you enjoy pragmatically green – my way of providing ideas to the anyone interested in listening.

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