I believe that, how we as individuals fit and work into the community plays an important part in becoming sustainable. If everyone treats everyone with respect, recognition for their uniqueness, opinions and individualism; than we as a community can become more accepting of each other and better work together to fight the issues that we all face today. 

So what can we change:

  • Smile – bringing a smile on another persons face changes their thoughts and may just makes their day a little better. If everyone made a positive gesture to each individual they came across each day, the world, I think would be ‘better’
  • Be helpful – even if its the simplest of things, the world needs helpfulness. Even if it is just common courtesy, you’d be surprised how much some people appreciate the small things;
  • Pick up rubbish – instead of looking at this like a chore and that you are picking up some other persons rubbish. Try looking at it as a different light – you may have just saved an animal from choking….
  • Encourage growth – encourage the community to grow, through education, individual awareness and communication of issues or opportunities within the community. 
  • Sharing – Through both knowledge and physical aspects. If everyone in the community shared, this could open our communities up in a positive manner (e.g.knowledge of the local land, or the best eating spots to having a community garden in a high density building, where everyone can share vegetables, fruits and stories).

So why not make some small changes….

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