Plants And All That

According to Abs ausstats, the 2016 census showed that around 10% of the Australian population are living within an apartment, or were supposingly contained in one on census night. To me, thats a crazy amount of people being cooped up in a small living area when comparing how much land Australia contains….

Anyway, now that we have the stats out of the way, personally, moving into an apartment having never lived the inner city life before, was a MASSIVE change for me, both physically and emotionally.

I struggled with the small living arrangements, the close proximity to your neighbours (even if they are nice) and the hustle and bustle of living in a city. Now to say Brisbane is a large city, well, I’d be pulling your leg, mate; but to keep grasp of my sanity, I took to plants…

The greeness, living organisms, seemed to gain my attention when walking around the city, I started to take notice on all the lovely trees down certain streets and pretty flowers in someones back yard, it was the epitome of ‘stop and smell the roses’…

This fondness then drove me to start buying and propagating plants so now I have this collecting growing in my apartment. I have noticed the change within myself, having to water the plants and care for them, sets me into my afternoon routine, and I finally just last week was able to pick my first strawberry from my strawberry plant – best tasting strawberry I ever did have!!

I also undertook some research and sourced out plants that are good air filtering plants, and I have arranged these in each of my apartment rooms, particularly in my bedroom to help with air quality (e.g. Pothos and Peace Lilly).

This post is really just an intro into what I’d like to continue on with about plants and how marvelous they are – both in the ability to eat them, but also the impacts they can have on your other aspects of health.

TBC soonish…

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