Ten Tips For Making Sustainable Living Easy!

1.      Buy less, plan more

My first tip is to always have an idea of what you are going to buy; always try and plan out what you need.


Have an idea of why you actually need this item – I am particularly bad at keeping to this first rule, especially when food is involved. When shopping, try not to splurge on the occasional ‘want’ item.                                   

  #extra tip:  List it! There’s nothing better than ticking that list off as you head to the counter to spend less, and limit your waste.   

2. Saturday mornings are for shopping

The best way to reduce waste in a sustainable manner is to be concise and do not wander, I repeat, do not wander…

There is nothing quite like getting to the markets/shops first thing in the morning with all the other early birds and having free rein on the aisles of food,  glorious food.

#extra extra tip: Try to limit going shopping when you are hungry. Either pack a snack or eat before you leave to go shopping.

3. Become your own chef

Practice makes perfect, right? So, why not start by cooking your own meal from scratch. By complying with Tips 1 & 2, you can reduce your waste and cost from your pocket and local landfill.

4. Plant everything

Two words – Herb garden!

I live in an apartment in an inner city suburb, and whilst my apartment doesn’t receive the greatest amount of sunlight, I have managed to find herbs that work for me, which are both aesthetically pleasing and practical.

5. Another one fights the dust

All you need are a handful of natural cleaning products that have specific jobs (e.g. antibacterial, detergents, stain removers) and a will to clean that house!

By using natural, sustainable products this limits your risk of being exposed to harsh chemicals and products (that are expensive).

6. Recycle recycle recycle

Enough said. Recycle as much as you and your household can. That might be placing cardboard and glass material into the recycling bin each fortnight, or throwing only very limited material out.

7. Meatless

Try limiting your meat intake to a few times a week. Meat production currently requires a lot of unsustainable practices, so by limiting your intake to only a few times a week, you can also save money and feel good about yourself.

8. Two wheels, not four

Why not swap your four wheel vehicle for two wheels. This may be as simple as riding your bike to the shops, markets or work. It is not only a great means of transport but also fantastic for your health.

9. Think outside the box

Try new things. Why not get creative and find different materials that you can reuse or recycle, there are no rules when creativity and sustainability are involved.

10.  Dead stuff

Worms. Composting. Even living in a small apartment you are able to succeed in turning organic material into fertile organic material!

One thought on “Ten Tips For Making Sustainable Living Easy!

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  1. The extra extra tip of the second point is the best: that is damn effective to eat before shopping. I would say that it reduces groceries by two.
    Keeps on with the good writing!


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