A creative use of old, disused, neglected or unwanted materials that are re-purposed for something useful!

If you lack the creative flare, the following websites have personally inspired me to up-cycle some of my unwanted materials.

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Pexels.com
  1. Pinterest – a classic and populist interface that opens the world of creativity to any seeking individual. You do however, need login to be able to engage with each post. It is free, but I still personally hate signing away my email independence to subscriptions for me to just be able to swipe through a number of posts…
  2. Recylart – provides classic and simplistic ideas that widen your horizon towards what you can up-cycle within your everyday lifestyle. This website has a logical format, with the ideas categorized into types of materials, types of up-cycling products (i.e. bikes, mechanics). This website is not all up in your face, and personally, this style of web design appeals to me, as a targeted consumer.
  3. Facebook Marketplace – leaves you in the wonder-world of facebook and the randomness of large uncategorised materials and products. I do however, find myself on this interface more times than what I would reasonably expect from myself… This interface has a randomness of creative, neglect and just plan weird ideas, however, it can be a useful tool at scoring a nice up-cycle piece or furniture, or getting those creative juices following when mindlessly scrolling.
  4. Gumtree – is a classified set of advertisements, essentially like an Australian version of craigslist. As expected, this website can be a hit and miss site, depending on how productive and charitable the outside world is feeling at the time of your search; however, I still find this site to be an excellent site for sourcing ideas and potential up-cycle furniture.
  5. Upcycle That – designed to be an influential atmosphere that will leave your mind in a demiurgic demeanor. This website has not been designed for the DIY individual, as it is a number of collective articles that present various up cycling businesses; however, I still find this website interesting and a creative use of web-space.
  6. Local Markets – Although not a website, local markets can be a unique experience, sometimes trashy place of creativity that leaves you finding hidden gems of your own creative spark.

I am sure I have missed a lot of terrific up cycling websites as this section of sustainability to me is new and exciting. I am currently looking into the smaller guys and more locally sourced up-cyclers… Stay tuned!

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