Sustainable Podcasts

What a better way to pass your time then listening to some informative sustainable podcasts.

I’ve been undertaking some research and have found some interesting podcasts; not only sustainable fashion, but also everyday green living.

So drum roll please…..*insert rolling of drums*

  1. Sustainable: The Podcast – This podcast has approximately 139 tracks of around 20 to 40 mins long. This podcast usually delves into various hot environmental topics with appropriate professionals and covers a new topic each week. The podcast is very organised, as in, questions have been thought out before hand, not just off the mark, allowing for very scripted but well thought out answers to the questions. The podcast is usually run by the co-founder of the website and podcast, who delegates the podcast and asks questions throughout each episode.
  2. The Sustainable Living Podcast – This podcast covers a wide variety of topics, , totally 154 of short(ish) podcasts that interviews various people with informative views. This podcast is more of a personal podcast that delves into individuals opinions and views of sustainable practices, in addition to family and individual health and well being.
  3. Costing the Earth – This is a BBC podcast that is informative regarding environmental and sustainable issues affecting communities, countries and the earth. This podcast is long but factual and educational on the latest issues and research on environmental issues/projects.
  4. The Climate Changers – This podcasts only has a number of episodes, and they are quiet long; however, interviewees are researchers and professional people who have factual content that they bring to the table. The podcast covers a variety of content including, fashion, climate policy and water issues.
  5. Sustainababble – A large collection of episodes, with enthusiastic and friendly podcasters. These guys are good to listen to for entertaining purposes that cover a variety of different types of hot sustainable and environmental issues, in a basic, yet entertaining way
  6. Think: Sustainable – An Australian based podcast that covers national and global environmental issues that are affecting us in the present and future. Topics are interesting and relate back to the current issues at hand with today’s society.

If you know of any good environmental podcast, please leave me a comment and I’ll be sure to check it out!

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