Hessian and Aloe Vera

Two words (well technically three) that you wouldn’t necessarily think go together, well have I got news for you…

The end product!

I recently used some hessian twine for a project and had a lot let over. So instead of throwing out the left over twine, I decided to use the twine to create a pot for my propagated aloe vera.

Using the end of the string of twine, I wrapped the twine around itself and with each round of the twine I used glue to keep it together. I used non-toxic craft glue and this worked a treat as long as you section the pot plant due to the glue taking a long time to dry.

I divided the pot into four sections;

  1. Base of the pot, stop, let dry;
  2. Once the base is dry, continue wrapping the twine for another 2-3cm in height. Leave pot to dry;
  3. Continue with an additional 2-3cm letting glue dry before continuing until the desired height;
  4. Once at desired height, tie the twine underneath a former wrapped around layer and use glue to help prevent the twine from unraveling.
The start of the hessian pot plant

Once glue is dry, cut twine and fill with soil and a plant of your choice. I used an aloe vera plant due to this plant loving dry soil as the twine obviously does not hold water. When plants need water, I poured half a cup of water into each pot and keep them in the sink until water stops leaking/drys out.

And ta da!

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