As I sit here tonight listening to the news, I am filled with both hope and optimism.

Through the actions of courageous and impassioned youth, the world is now brought to attention. They inspire hope that older generations, those with the power and the privilege, might stand in solidarity and put aside fruitless political games.

You, the youth of today are pushing back against the government set in their ways and fighting for change; with your passionate, free spirit and eletricfied willingness to make an impact on the world.

It inspires me to think about what can we – your community, both young, old and anywhere in between – do to support you?

It has to start with individuals being consciously aware of what impacts they, their families and community are having on the world, and acting on that conscious awareness.

There are many challenges that we as human beings, and as a planet are yet to face. If we all are able to accept the reality we face, and confront each other in a way that is open, genuine and driven towards creating a better future for our planet, than maybe we can achieve what so often feels so unbelievable.

Sourced from School strike for climate

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