World Sustainable Goals?

Optimism, political, time. Is it enough?.. These are the words that lie behind my self comparative synonyms of these goals. With such pessimism in today’s society surrounding, peace and prosperity, how can such a thing prosper.

A number of organisations and businesses are beginning to invest time and money into incorporating their own organisational goals. I am pleasantly surprised by the number of goals that Australian organisations are taking a stand in this action, some organisations more than others, but it goes to show that even small ticks from the checklist are still a contribution to the overall goals of this world agenda.

So what are these sustainable development goals you speak of?

The United Nations are built upon decades of summits, agendas and conferences that through research have shown the following 17 goals help achieve a sustainable economy, social aspect and environmental impact. In addition, these goals have been designed to improve global health and education, whilst encouraging equality within our communities.

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015, provides a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future.’ 

The following 17 goals are:

  1. Approximately 836 million people live in extreme poverty, so why not donate what you don’t use to the lesser fortunate. So economic growth needs to incorporate and promote sustainable jobs for all walks of life and ensure equality is reached;
  2. Zero Hunger. Try and avoid throwing away food as over 33% of the worlds food is wasted – That’s ridiculous!
  3. Staying healthy, by vaccinating your family and improve the public health sector;
  4. Improving education to improving peoples lives, particularly women and children;
  5. Calling out sexist language and behaviour which is a fundamental human right;
  6. Providing clean water and sanitation to the world;
  7. Implementing affordable and clean renewable energy;
  8. Creating a sustainable economy and society that creates quality jobs;
  9. Investing in sustainable growth of infrastructure and communities;
  10. Raising your voice against discrimination;
  11. Encouraging sustainable cities and communities;
  12. Recycling globally;
  13. Encouraging education to young people on climate change to put them on a sustainable path;
  14. Minimizing plastic bags that pollute oceans;
  15. Planting tree to help protect the environment;
  16. Use your precious vote to elect leaders who keep true to your values towards your community and country; and
  17. Partnerships for the goals.

To find some of these Australian SDG projects, check out the link here

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